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Hopefully the information below will allow you to get the most enjoyment from your holiday.

Lapland Holidays has been providing holidays to Lapland for many years and has found the following information useful to our clients.

Northern Lights
The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon and Lapland holidays cannot guarantee that they will be seen during a stay in Lapland nor can we guarantee that they will be seen on any excursion, even if the excursion name contains the words "Northern Lights". Cloud cover will affect the visibility of the Aurora Borealis.

Winter in Lapland is extremely cold compared to the UK. Temperatures rarely rise above freezing point and December temperatures range between -7°C and -35°C. Snow falls in Lapland between October and May and it is common to find thick snow cover in December. There is very limited daylight at this time of year as the sun rises around 10:30 and sets around 15:30.
The cold will dry out your skin, so it is advisable to take an oil based moisturiser and lip balm to avoid chapping. Please note water based moisturisers will freeze in the cold.

Thick winter woollens, extra pairs of socks for children, thermals and warm, sturdy footwear e.g. skiwear, moonboots etc. are recommended. The most effective way is to ensure you wear several layers of clothing, starting with thermal underwear then layering more clothes. Ski-gloves and hats are necessary - do not underestimate the cold! If you intend to hire thermal overalls, normal winter clothing with ski-gloves, hats and warm footwear should be sufficient. Please note that the hire of thermal overalls does not include thermal boots, hats, gloves or scarves (unless otherwise stated) - all of which are essential. Other useful items to protect against the severe cold are lip salve and hot pads which insert into your gloves and boots. Young children and infants are often the ones to suffer most around the feet, hands and facial areas - please take all necessary precautions in protecting them.

Reindeer Warning
Reindeer abound in Lapland and you can see them all over the countryside. These gentle animals are the native deer of Lapland and therefore please respect them during your visit to their land on the Arctic Circle.

Finland's unit of currency is now the Euro. There is no limit to the amount of currency visitors may bring into or take out of Finland. Foreign currency and travellers cheques can be exchanged at he Post Office in Santa's Village, banks (Mon - Fri: 09:15 - 16:15) and the airport. Bank of England issued sterling notes are recommended for exchange, however, they may also be accepted in some shops.

Duty Free
Finland is part of the EU and therefore you are no longer able to purchase duty free in Lapland.

In order to drive a snowmobile, adults must bring their UK driving license. In resort you may also be asked to sign an indemnity waiver by the safari company.

Don't forget to bring your camera to capture all those special moments, but remember that the intense cold will drain batteries much faster so bring lots of spares. Also due to low light, it is better to increase the ISO setting on your camera if you can.

Most of the essential details about your day break will be provided in your Tour Confirmation / Invoice sent to you when we have received and processed your booking. Please check this document carefully and advise us in writing immediately if it contains any errors. Final details, including travel timings, will be despatched to arrive with you approximately seven days prior to departure.

For British / Irish citizens a full 10 year passport is required for entry into Finland (3/5 year passport for children, when not included in accompanying parent's passport). Other passport holders should seek advice from the nearest Finnish Embassy. Passports currently require to be valid on the day of return only, however, if you have less than 6 months left on your passport we recommend you check the current legislation.

Health Requirements
There are no vaccination requirements imposed by the authorities, but nevertheless when travelling overseas it is prudent to advise your doctor of your destination and secure the latest professional advice as any precautions that may be necessary.

Winter Sports Insurance
If you are going to take part in dangerous sports or pastimes where there is risk of injury, check your policy covers you.


Disabled and severely ill children
Please note that in respect of disabled parties special assistance, specially adapted vehicles, sleighs, disabled harnesses etc. are not provided within the normal tour cost. Within the normal tour cost local staff will be pleased to help and assist but they are not trained either in the technical style of paraplegic lifting or specific disabled assistance. (If additional services are required these should be requested and quotation obtained).

See also the ABTA checklist, Checklist for Disabled and Less Mobile Passengers, on www.abta.com

For visa requirements:
Address: Embassy of the Republic of Finland, 38 Chesham Place, London, SW1X 8HX.
Tel: 020 7235 9531
Website: www.finemb.org.uk

In most cases your daybreak/holiday starts and finishes with a chartered flight on a fast comfortable B737, A320, B757 or A300. However, flight plans may change before departure and we reserve the right to substitute alternative carriers and / or aircraft types where necessary. Where this situation arises it is not possible to transfer to another daybreak/holiday or cancel without incurring normal cancellation charges. All of our flights are non smoking.

Medical Care
Finland has reciprocal health care agreements with the UK. This entitles you to emergency medical treatment and to prove eligibility for this treatment you only require a British passport. Non-British nationals should obtain an E111. Treatment is available either free of charge or for a standard fee, depending on the municipality.


UK Government  - Know Before You Go
The UK Government  web site at https://www.gov.uk/knowbeforeyougo has more travel advice.


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